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Hey guys, hope you are all doing well!. Today i wanted to speak about ‘fake friends’ and how to spot one and the different types.


Fake friends are soooo common these days, it seems like every friendship group isn’t the same without one. I have had my fair share of fake friends but i feel like as you grow up you loose them along the way and you only have a set amount of friends. Personally for me anyway.


One- If someone who you know is all about themselves, bad news. People who only want to talk about themselves and the problems they’ve been having aren’t good people to surround yourself with. If they only come to you when they have a problem chances are there using you and they aint good friend. If they listen to what you tell them and give you advice and talk about you then thats a different story. But if when you talk about yourself and stuff that has been happening in your life and they just shut you down, erm bye booo.


Two- Someone who makes excuses not to chill with you. Sometimes people have genuine reasons as to why they cant make plans but you just know when someones mugging you off. If they constantly cancel plans after you having them for weeks, bye. If they say they are busy every time you want to chill, bye. If it is just excuse after excuse then dont waste your time, theres only so much you can take from someone before enough is enough.


Three- If they never invite you to places. I dont mean like partying but partying aswell i mean like just chilling or going out with friends. If you are in the same friendship group and not one of them asks you to come along, byeeeee. Nothing worse than friends not inviting you to places and then when you ask them why they said ‘omg you should have come’ like erm hol up, rewind a sec, when and where did you ask me, nope next.


Four- They call other people to you. If someone can not keep other peoples names and other peoples business out there mouths then guess what they call you behind your back. Now dont get it twisted. My best friend says stuff about me when im not there, but its nothing she wouldn’t say to my face. Its not the healthiest of friendships but i know she does it. What i mean is if someone is constantly calling people when your around them then there doing it to you, stay clear.


Five- They are never there for you. This kind of relates to number one but slightly different. If when they are going through a rough time you are there for them, support them and talk to them but when you need some one they aren’t there, there playing youu. ‘Im here if you need me’ then when you do there busy or they aren’t replying and when they do they dont really say much. Granted some people aren’t the best at giving advice and dont know what to say in a situation but if your close enough to someone for them to tell you when they have shit going on then you should be able to do the same and get the same in return. Don’t prioritise people who dont prioritise you.


Six- They constantly put you down/bring you down. If someone you are ‘friends’ with constantly puts your appearance down or the things you say and do down, bye. Some people already have a really hard time with body imagine, dont need some irrelevant making you fell less that you are. Most of the time this is due to jealousy but if your friend is jealous of you thats not healthy, they will do everything they can to bring you down, so they feel better about themselves. Especially when it comes to boys or girls. Just know that its something thats happening in there lives that make them like this, it doesn’t make it better but you dont need it in your life, next.


Seven- Banterrrrrr, no, stop. People who say stuff to you then come straight after saying ‘banter’ or ‘im only joking’, no. If your going to stay something dont stop when its just about to get interesting. If you can handle the ‘banter’ and give just as good comebacks then its okay because  without knowing it you’ve mutually come to a decision that your friendship is based around banter. But people who come for you and then say banter, hmm not today, byeeee.



Think im going to stop it there aha. I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you’ve endured any ‘fake friends’

Hope your doing well wherever you are, be your own priority.

Dakota X







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