w7 Colour me buff palette review|beauty|Dakota.

Hey guys!, hope your all doing well. Today i thought id do a review on the colour me buff palette by w7. I heard that this is one of the dupes for one of the naked palettes but i dont have it to do a comparison to.

I picked mine up from a local shop near mine, but you can get them online. I got this for £5 which i thought was a really good price for a eye shadow palette. You get 12 shades in the palette. Three of the shades are matte and the other 9 are shimmers.




1.Shade-Buff. I like this shade, Its the first matte shade and its a perfect shade to put on after applying the base. Pigmentation is good. 2.5/5

2.Shade-Camel. This is a shimmer shade. Its a golden colour. Really nice all over the lid. Pigmentation is really good on this one. The texture is almost like a cream. 4/5

3.Shade-Sand. This is again another shimmer, but a light shimmer,nice on inner corner. Pigmentation isn’t the best but its a nice colour. 2/5

4.Shade-Dust. This is a shimmer and its a darker version of camel(2). Really nice colour. Pigmentation is nice on this one also. 2.5/5

5.Shade-Chocolate. This is the second matte shade in the palette and i love this, its a cool toned brown shade and really nice in the crease. Pigmentation is really good. 4.5/5

6.Shade-Topaz. This is a dark brown shimmer shade. Haven’t really used this one but nice shade. Pigmentation is nice. 3/5.


7.Shade-Earth. This is a yellow gold shimmer, beautiful on the inner corner. Pigmentation is nice on this one too. 3.5/5

8.Shade-Storm. This is a green shimmer and i love this shade, really nice all over the lid. Pigmentation is beautiful. 4/5

9.Shade-Silk. This is the second lightest shimmer shade in the palette but this is a little bit more silver, nice in the inner corner. Pigmentation is good on this one too. 3.5/5

10.Shade-Wave. This is a copper shimmer shade. Hardly used this shade as its not one i would be drawn toward but still a really nice shade. Pigmentation is beautiful. 3/5

11.Shade-Thunder. Dark brown shimmer shade. Nice to add into the outer third of the eye to add definition. Pigmentation is beautiful on this one too. 3.7/5

12.Shade-Onyx. This is a matte black shade. Find it really hard to have a nice black in a palette but this is really nice, love this shade. Pigmentation is amazing!. 4.5/5


This is a really nice palette. I would of personally preferred more matte shades and a lighter shade for the crease to build up colour but you can create a nice look from this palette. The shades have got nice pigment. Does take a little bit longer to blend out but compared to other cheaper palettes this is really nice and i would recommend if your on a budget.


Hope you enjoyed this review/post.


Dakota X








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