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Hey guys, hope your all doing well!. Today i thought i would do a ‘battle of the brow gels’ kinda ting. I have 3 brow gels and there all affordable. Just going to be comparing them and telling you my thoughts on them.

So I have 3 eyebrow gels here and they are all the same shade but completely different colours.


Firstly, Miss beauty. I picked this one up maybe 3 months ago from the poundshop for £1. It holds 7ml of product. I picked this up because at the time i was looking for a new brow gel. I don’t really do much with my brows just kind of put some gel through them and spike them up. I did really like this one. The packaging is a brown tube with a white lid, i do like the look of this, the outside of the tube is the colour which is inside which is nice because you know what you’re getting before hand. Its made my brows stiff which for me i like because i feel as though my brows wouldn’t move throughout the day. I did find that the colour was a tad bit cool toned for me but easy to work around. I do have to reapply the gel maybe 1-2 times throughout the day as it didn’t last like i thought it would. However for the price it is worth it. The brush reminded me a lot of a mascara want, which did make it kind of hard to apply because it doesn’t go thinner so you have to work slowly so you don’t apply to much. They did have another 2 shades one which was for blonde hair and then one for black hair. The colour range wasnt that wide but i do feel like the shades they have would work for a lot of people. Id give it 3/5, just because it didn’t last on the brows but again for the price i really can’t complain.


Miss beauty brow gel|Shade-Brunette 

Secondly, Technic. Got this last month from a shop in my town for £1.99. It holds 8ml of product and the packaging is nice, this is probably the best packaging wise out of all three. The tube is again the same colour as the colour inside with a silver top. It is the darkest out of all three aswell. I did really like this one. It’s the thicker formula out of all three also. One thing i noticed was the size of the wand, it was nice to use because the wand isn’t to long or short so its comfortable. The brush on the wand goes from large to small which i really appreciate as it was easy to apply the product. I did have to scrape some of product off the wand as it does let out a lot of product. It made my brow hairs hard and it did last from when i put it on to when i took it off. Again i had to be careful with how much i applied because one wrong move and my eyebrows would have looked huge aha. I did really enjoy this one though, will continue to use it. I would probably give it a 3.9/5, only because of how much product comes out on the wand.


Technic brow gel|Shade-Medium

Last but not least, Rimmel London. Got this a month or two ago from superdrug for £4.49, it holds 5ml of product and the packaging is nice, not something im instantly drawn to but its simplistic, again the colour of the product is supposed to be whats inside, i feel the shade inside is a little bit lighter than the shade on the outside if that makes sense. I did like this one though, the only problem for me was the shade. It was a lot lighter but i have blonde in my hair so it does kind of work. Lightened up my brow hairs which i did like. It didn’t make my brows stiff as such but they did feel stuck where they were. The brush on the want did go from larger to small which again i appreciate. A nice amount come on the wand but i did have to go in a second time because it wasnt quite enough. I didn’t have to reapply throughout the day which is always a good sign, this is more ££ than the other too but i do really think its worth it. I would give it a 4.3/5 just because of the shade.


Rimmel London brow gel|Shade-002 medium brown


All in all they are all really nice brow gels. My favourite would probably be the technic one, just because of the colour and the brush on the wand. It’s easy to move the extra product on the wand and for £1.99 i think that’s amazing. I will continue to use all 3 of these because they each do different things. Some are more subtle than others and for days when i just want to throw one on i would reach for the rimmel one.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you have tried any of these products in the comments.

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Dakota X






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