Mini Botanic skincare review|Skincare |Dakota.

Hey guys, hope your all doing well!.Today im back with another review for you. Couple of months ago i went into boots and picked up 4 items in skin care from the botanics collection and today i thought id share my thoughts about them with you.

All opinions are my own,

These are from the all bright collection.

Radiance concentrate serum|

I really enjoyed this. It had a petite so it was easy to get the amount out. I just squeezed some out on my hand and then rubbed it onto my face. I will say if you’re looking for something to give your skin a glow then this is really good. It made my skin super fresh and it was a nice consistency. Although i will say it runs out so quickly. This is my 6th bottle, but i do really enjoy using it. It’s a clear liquid and has a scent but not over powering.


Hydrating day cream with spf 15|

So I use this in the morning, the consistency is thin and i do like thicker creams but this was fine with me surprisingly. It sinked in the face straight away and left my skin feeling super soft. Really nice, spf isn’t something i use a lot so it is nice that it has it in there. It doesn’t change or disturb my makeup which is also nice. It does have a scent but nothing over powering.


Hydrating night cream|

LOVE THIS!. It’s really thick so i feel like it gives my skin so much moisture which is such a nice feeling. Leaves my skin feeling soft and in the morning my skin looks healthier. Again it has a scent but nothing to strong.


Rosewater toning spritz- 100% organic|

So everyone was talking about using rose-water sprays on their face so when i seen this i had to buy it and try it. I personally don’t like the smell of roses but the smell has grown on me. It does smell very strong when spraying it on the face but the smell goes almost instantly. It’s the last step in my routine and i love it. Really refreshing and i would 10000% repurchase.



Hope you guys enjoyed this short and sweet review, let me know if you’ve tried anything from this range.

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