Battle of the Rimmel foundations |Beauty|Dakota.

Hey guys, hope your all doing well. Today i thought i would compare to Rimmel london foundations for you, they look the same apart from the colour of the packaging so i thought i would compare them for you guys and tell you which one i enjoy more.


Match perfection|shade-100 ivory.

So this one is the one with the blue packaging. I do like the packaging, it’s a glass bottle and everything is very clear. Its got 1 fl oz (30 ml) of product which is the normal amount for foundation. Its got a pump which is nice, it dispenses enough product with one pump, although usually do another one aha. So on the bottle it says 24hr moisture hydration and it has a pore blurring effect it also has spf 20 which is always nice, personally I don’t see much of a difference when spf is added into foundations but some people do so it is something to look out for. I would say the coverage is light to medium, it is buildable. They do have 12 shades which vary from light to medium to dark which is good so more people can use it. I do like more coverage but it is nice when you want something more lightweight, it does have a different scent with it but its nothing to overpowering.



Lasting finish|shade- 100 ivory.

So this one is the red packaging and again its the same as the match perfection, again this has 1 fl oz (30 ml) of product. The same pump as the other one, really nice. On the bottle it say it’s a 25 hr foundation, i personally wouldn’t wear foundation for that long but it means that it should last all day. It says its got comfort serum init and its also got spf 20 in there. It does say it is a full coverage foundation. I do like this foundation, i wouldnt say it was full full coverage but its a nice coverage, i would say its more medium to full but it does build nicely. It smells like normal foundation and the foundation its self is not thick but thicker than the match perfection. The shade range is only 7 and would only work for lighter skin which is a shame as this is a really nice foundation.




The obvious difference between the two would be the colour of the packaging. Also the coverage, the lasting finish one has a lot more coverage and if you prefer that then give it a try. If you like a lightweight foundation the match perfection is one you should try. The smells are very different, the match perfection is a lot more of stronger scent but like i said nothing to strong. I honestly prefer the lasting finish one, mainly because of the coverage but it feels a lot more comfortable on the skin, even though the coverage is good it’s not to thick and it doesn’t feel heavy on the face, its not cakey either. I would go for the lasting finish but i do wear both these foundations, for when i want a lighter coverage i go for the match perfection.


Let me know if you’ve tried either of these in the comments and if you have any recommendations for posts i can do.

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