Freedom eyebrow pomade review |Beauty|Dakota.

Hey guys, hope your all doing well. Today I wanted to review the freedom eyebrow pomade, ive had this for a couple of weeks now and ive been using it daily. I picked this up from boots last month.

All opinions are my own.

So this is supposed to be a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly hills dip brow, I don’t have that so i cant compare it. The freedom pomade retails for £5 which is a really good price. They have a variety of shade (10) which a would suit the majority of people, before going in to the store i had been looking online and was convinced id need the shade ebony which is the second darkest shade but when i went in store the shade ash brown suited me more so picked it up. It holds 2.5g of product and the packaging is very similar to the Anastasia dip brow.


First impressions where how heavy the product was, it’s not heavy heavy but it is heavier than i expected. Straight away as i dipped my brush in the product the consistency was very dry, i expected it to be smooth but it was dry and kind of hard to get the product on the brush but i did eventually aha, it is a very dry product. But when i applied it to my eyebrow it glided on, it was surprisingly easy to work with. The colour was perfect for my brows and it looked surprisingly natural. I did add some setting spray to try to make it creamier and it helped a lot.


Overall I am still quite apprehensive about this product as it is dry, not like the product had dried up but dry in consistency. I have used the everyday since i got it and there is still a lot of product in there as you only need the smallest amount. Apart from the dryness i do really like it. It looks natural and its easy to use. I would recommend going in store to look at the shade range to make sure you get the right shade to match. For £5 it is worth it.


Let me know if you’ve tried this or anything else from freedom in the comments.


Thank you for reading this post.


Dakota X

‘Life is only what you make of it’





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